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106 members voted with 93 in support of increasing our dues.
Effective 2014, the annual dues are $25.

Thank you for your continued support of the Douglas Lake Improvement Association.


In case you missed this, Mike Berry (part of the Trimpe clan) made and posted this video on the I Love Douglas Lake facebook page.  It's worth a look.  Just click the image to watch.

EURASION WATER MILFOIL!!!  Full report here

In the meantime, if you see any of these invasive species lease report their location to the DLIA, the Bug Camp and/or the Tip of the Mitt.

1) Eurasion Water Milfoil EWM

EWM Drawing EWM Photo (Thumb Lake 2007)


2) Mini Pond Lilly (Frogbit)

Pond Lilly


3) Purple Loosestrife

Purple Loosestrife. Notice how tall, this person is standing




Cheboygan County comes thru with ramp maintenance assistance.
But it doesn't stop there. So much more work and investigation needs to be done to ensure the ramp continues to be fully functional. Please click here to view the ramps' status as was presented at the 2013 annual meeting.

The Douglas Lake Book Club will resume it's winter season time and location effective January 8th.
10:30 a.m. Wednesdays at the Airport.

Please dispose of your unused or outdated prescription and over-the-counter medications (including those for your pets) responsibly. Same thing goes for your used or spent hypodermic needles. For more information please check the following links.

PODS (medications)

Sharps (needles)


The Second Annual Douglas Lake Boat Parade 2013


The Second Annual Douglas Lake Boat Parade took place on Saturday, July 6.  This year’s theme was “Fun in the Sun and On the Water”.  For the past two years, the parade has been held to benefit Michigan military charities.  This year the parade was held to benefit “Blum’s Landing”. 


Seventeen boats participated in this year’s parade.  Some of the boats were decorated and some were not…who cares!  We all had fun.  Mother Nature made her contribution by giving us a picture-perfect day.  The parade culminated in the bay in front of the Douglas Lake Bar and Steakhouse (DLB).  Staff members from the DLB joined together to judge the boats and decide on the winners.  The DLB donated gift certificates that were awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  This year’s winners were:



1st Place:          Chick Hershberger, family and friends


2nd Place:         Brad and Lisa Willey

3rd Place:          Paul and Deb Brillati


In addition to judging and prizes, the DLB provided food and beverages for the crowd at a nominal charge.  Following the parade and celebration, boaters were invited to continue the fun at North Fishtail Bay with swimming and BYO food and drinks. 


The 2013 boat parade raised more than $1000.00 for “Blum’s Landing”.  Blum’s Landing is a labor of love in honor of Sgt. Trevor A Blumberg who was killed in Fallujah, Iraq on September 14, 2003.  He also served in Korea and Afghanistan prior to being deployed to Iraq.


Blum’s Landing is a respite for those who have and are serving our country in the war against terror.  Blum’s Landing offers a free-of-charge stay of up to one week for service personnel and their immediate families.  It is located on Orchard Lake in northern Michigan.  The 12.5 acres on which Blum’s Landing is located provides guests with a wide array of outdoor recreational fun and relaxation.  Blum’s Landing was founded and is run by Terry and Janet Blumberg, Trevor’s parents.  For more information or to make a donation, visit www.blumslanding.org.


Once again in 2014, Kathy Buchweitz and Marilyn Kelemen will be leading the planning committee for the Third Annual Douglas Lake Boat Parade.  In 2014, the boat parade will be held on Friday, July 4th.  Kathy and Marilyn are asking for a few volunteers to assist with planning the parade.  If you are interested in participating on the boat parade “committee”, please contact either Kathy or Marilyn at the following email addresses.  We’d like to get started on planning the parade early so participants can begin to organize their spectacular boat decorations. 


Let’s carry on the fun and turn the Douglas Lake Boat Parade into an annual much anticipated event!




The most current Douglas Lake Report is from Spring 2012
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